Thursday, June 21, 2012

Use of Oils

 Uses of Essential Oils (EO)

When it comes to how to use essential oils, people often have a limited ideas. They think mainly in terms of the appealing fragrance that an essential oil can provide. When we are talking about therapeutic grade oils, there are many more applications for essential oils than just providing a pleasing aroma.

There are three main ways to address the question of how to use essential oils. .


Topical application

Oral Ingestion

 How does massage work?

Is getting a massage more than just a luxury?

"Absolutely! Although many people still see a massage as an indulgence one can easily do without, there are a growing number of people who have experienced massage therapy benefits that would say otherwise."

With therapeutic essential oils –especially using the Layering Technique these benefits are increased further.

Message Therapy Benefits

There are a number of basic benefits that come from massage therapy. These include. . .

Improved circulation,

A strengthened immune system

improved lymph flow and the

removal of toxins.

Better flexibility through the stretching of muscles.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Lowering blood pressure as well.Improved

Healing in the aftermath of an injury or surgery.

In addition to these general benefits, massage therapy can also help the body overcome a number of specific conditions such as:


Back pain,

Carpel tunnel syndrome,


Sports injuries,

...and many others

Who should use wellness techniques?
Everyone!  The wellness technique used by The Rose of Sharon are beneficial both medicinally and for everyday stress and tension.

Whether you want to de-stress and and relax with some pampering time or are looking for safe effective to assist you in your daily live or current medical plan our Wellness Program can be for you!

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